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Impossible to please, compulsively critical, and constantly vexed by minor irritants

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Whisper of the Heart | 1995 

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Movie of the Week



In this video, Richard Brody discusses Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s 1950 classic “All About Eve.”

I could watch All About Eve on repeat forever

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1992 feels


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Not being a theater person but someone who reads a lot of actor Wikipedia entries, in my head Pal Joey, Major Barbara and Hedda Gabbler are all the same romantic comedy about a strong willed and quirky-for-the-time woman chafing against the system before she winds up happily ever after with some male character I don’t care about.


Princess Mononoke print!

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Driss Ouadahi

"Before immigrating to Europe and studying at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf, Algerian Driss Ouadahi studied architecture. His paintings of the ubiquitous high-rise, the legacy of Modern Architecture’s failed promise to improve the human condition, are renderings of impenetrable boundaries of steel, glass and concrete."

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Sorry for the img dump. I showed a noob around filbert st steps, Washington square park, li po lounge, empress of china and my secret hotel view today so I’m having a simultaneous proud and non plussed moment. (at San Francisco Ferry Building)

at San Francisco Ferry Building

at San Francisco Ferry Building

We all deserve to die

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Robert von Haug. 1857-1922. Ein Abschied. 1890.

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